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Wan Ja Shan Sauces


Wan Ja Shan Sauces


Wan Ja Shan Sauces

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In 1945, their founders set out to achieve one simple mission - to create the highest quality shoyu or naturally brewed soy sauce available on the global market.  Under the tutelage of monks who studied the intricacies of the natural fermentation of soybeans to brew soy sauce, they handcrafted a shoyu that successfully captured all the desired qualities of purity, savoriness and complexity.  As world spread quickly about the amazing quality and flavor of our shoe, customers claimed that their sauces were so savory that their powerful scent would travel miles across cities to tantalize taste buds across thousands of kitchens.  They officially labeled our sauces under the Wanjashan brand, which literally translates into "The Aroma of 10,000 Houses"

Six decades later, under the meticulous supervision of their resident brewmasters, they have increased their product portfolio and have become a global leader in the production of naturally fermented soy sauce, condiments and vinegars for the retail, foodservice and industrial consumer.  Furthermore, in light of the growing sophistication and dietary restrictions of global consumers, they are fully committed​ to developing healthier alternatives while still producing the highest quality naturally brewed soy sauces and condiments at a reasonable price.  In 2004, they began production of their Organic Series and recently emphasized the development of gluten-free sauces as the awareness of food allergies globally becomes a major issue.

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