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Passione Pizza Dough


Passione Pizza Dough


Passione Pizza Dough


In November 2013, Master Pizzaiolo Fabrizio Cercatore opened the doors to what is his newest and most personal project to date, Passione Pizza. Passione Pizza is based in Berkeley, California, and combines the highest quality United States grown artisan flours and grains with the culinary traditions of Italy.

We specialize in making hand-crafted pizzas that rely on Fabrizio’s 20 years of pizza making experience. We use only the finest USDA-Organic grains to make excellent flours, doughs, and pizza pies. Passione Pizza’s original organic flour is composed of one type of wheat, premium hard red wheat. It is harvested in the United States in the high altitudes of Utah, Idaho, and Washington. In addition to our certified organic pizzas, we also offer a Gluten Free option composed of California’s home-grown sweet rice, white rice, and brown rice flours.

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