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Claravale Farm's Milk


Claravale Farm's Milk

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Claravale Farm's Milk

from 7.50

*Every bottle of Claravale milk comes in a renewable bottle costing two dollars with the purchase of Claravale milk. If the bottle is returned to participating stores, namely Bevy Produce, then the bottle deposit fee is returned. *

In raw milk, the protein is 100% available, all 22 amino acids, and all 18 fatty acids are metabolically available. These are altered by heat in the pasteurization process. Vitamins are all 100% available, and in pasteurized milk they are significantly altered. Calcium is altered by the heat of pasteurization and the loss can be as much as 50% or more.

Raw goat milk is known to be nutrient-rich, easily digestible, and well tolerated even by those with lactose intolerance. It contains digestive aids known as oligosaccharides which act as a probiotic in the intestine, feeding the healthy bacteria and suppressing the bad.

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