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Capay Mills


Capay Mills


Capay Mills

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Inspired by his time living and working in Italy, where farmers still practice time-honored approaches to growing and milling grain, David Kaisel started planning Capay Mills in 2013.  In Italy, traditional varieties of grain, grown for generations by family farmers, have kindled a renewed passion for artisanal pastas, breads, and pastries. David dreamed of sharing the same passion for food made from fresh heirloom grain with friends and neighbors by promoting small-scale grain growing in Northern California’s Capay Valley, where soil and climate make for exceptional wheat.

Capay Mills’ mission is to bring back the forgotten qualities and nutritional advantages of freshly milled flour, stone-ground from locally grown heirloom grain. By offering an alternative to industrial-scale cultivation and processing, we are restoring genetic diversity to our grain supply and supporting family-scale farmers—while offering dedicated bakers the chance to experience the unique tastes and personalities of this ancient crop.

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