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Bariani California Balsamic Vinegar


Bariani California Balsamic Vinegar


Bariani California Balsamic Vinegar


The Bariani family has origins deep rooted in the Northern Italian region of Lombardy. Coming from a long line of entrepreneurs and artisans, the family's ideals have never changed and commitment undeterred. After closing a successful construction business in Italy in the late 1980s, the family moved to Northern California to obtain a good education for the sons Luigi, Enrico, Emanuele, and Sebastian and to enjoy the lifestyle found in the United States.

Today, Bariani Olive Oil is committed in producing an authentic extra virgin olive oil which is raw and once only available thru the turn of the century. Produced in a limited quantity, the olive oil is a registered organic product and with the particular and discriminatory taste of the family, the quality is always guaranteed. 

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