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The melody we dance to is the song our produce sings

To be good food to people is the harmony we bring

Come join us as we beet~ As we revel in thyme~

Yesterday, today, tomato- rhythms all one of a kind

We can't hold back this resonating sound!

Shout it out! Share it out! There's more to go around!


Noun - a large group or collection

Google example sentence:  "He was surrounded by a bevy of beautiful girls."

For us: Our store is a collage, the neighborhood tack board, a church, a flea market, the place where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.




Adjective - having the qualities required for a particular role

Google example sentence: "The schools here are good."

For us: All from local farms and businesses, crafted and cultivated with you and the land in mind, our food is good.

Verb - supervise the making of a musical recording, especially by determining the overall sound

Google example sentence: "James produced the play."

For us: Playing near you, Bevy Good Produce!