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Welcome to BEVY!

We believe we have a mission to fulfill here on this earth—to be a living example of good food to people! We definitely carry good food, but more than that, we want to be good food. We follow three principles which anchor our daily and long-term decisions:


1.       Neighborhood: We are a neighborhood store, meaning we focus on being good food to those physically closest to us and work our way out. We work locally, person to person, and count our success by full dinner tables.

2.       Known by Name: “Marilyn.” “Danny.” “Satsuma mandarin.” Every person, and even a piece of produce, is known by name by someone. We choose the best produce, because we believe every name deserves the best.

3.       New-normal: We ask ourselves, “What kind of ‘normal’ do I want to create today?” We believe we have the power to build culture and cultivate new norms by the way we sow our daily actions. Bevy farms a culture of respect, good stewardship, and care—one seed at a time.

In this journey of feeding people, we believe there is a transaction that cannot be exchanged by gold. Food from and for the heart is actually free! We are here to simply witness this beautiful exchange. From farms to farmers. From farmers to us. From us to you. It's our privilege to be fed, so fully in our hearts, by serving you. We hope you too, will be filled along the way. To all of us being good food - Cheers!