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Yesie Chang

Lord, I pray for Bevy

I pray that Bevy will be a bouncing healthy baby. 

For certain, will bring joy and crinkled laughter,

Making lighter of promised stressful hours.

Most of all, I pray that people can taste and see

The goodness far beyond those fruits and veggies.

Your love is plenty and growing ever still

By way of farmers, bakers, makers, and our family.

Your plans and ways are higher, always

To pursue that mystery is filled with hope lasting still.

Raise us to be good parents to a child

Blessed before birth to shine past lofty thoughts.

Establish our ways to carry justice,

To love kindness, unify our double mindedness.

You dream of small store super special

And favor us to see vision gain flesh and bones.

What will Bevy be, we are waiting patiently

With trusting faithing and growing in loving.

When can we join the amazing melody

Which dances across universe and galaxies?

Yet full surrender is sweetest harmony

For this is Your store, Lord take Your reign.

In Jesus Name,