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a good story

Yesie Chang

The Count of Monte Cristo, Christmas, Forrest Gump, Harry Potter

These are some of my favorite stories. They are good stories and similarly, I have a good story, too.

First, a setting. A wizarding world, a small town in Alabama, Creation itself. Then some kind of fissure happens. Some kind of deep brokenness due to human weakness and evil, jeopardizing universes of varying levels. The rest of the story unfolds leading to final redemption. How somehow, despite this ugly, monstrous shattering, good prevails and something beautiful comes to fruition.

For me, redemption came in the form of farming. It was God's will for my life because He knew how alone and afraid I really was. I had no idea how to love people so He had me start at level 0.1 with plants. Plants don't talk back. They don't move around. They simply try their best with what they have and their humility started opening up my heart. And centimeter by centimeter, I started changing along with those veggies.

Of everything that farming has taught me, my biggest take away is that farming is for people. It's for feeding people and good food can feed people in much deeper ways. For my farming community, food is their staple art. It's their chance to communicate with daily labor that people matter, that responsibility matters, that integrity yields extremely sweet fruit. Their gutsy slays at life prompted me to put full weight on working with the piece that I have. In due season, to be fruitful like them. It was their model that made my story into a good one.

Being Bevy is currently our bit of the story. It's our blow at the trumpet, our strum for a chord in this greater song to you. That redemption is available in our everyday lives and those shards of life, with a loving orchestrating hand, can become a mosaic of color for someone else. We believe every story can become a good story. To be good food to people. To win over evil and preserve beauty, it is possible, we believe :)