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Dear friends and neighbors,


With many sorrows and sadness we share that Bevy Produce and Goods, our neighborhood market has closed.

Being a part of your home was always our greatest joy.


Bevy was a lot less and a lot more than I imagined. Not as hip or attractive as I hoped it would be. Not as fast as I felt we needed. Time and time again though, our small unassuming store was much better, much good-er than I fashioned it to be. To me, Bevy was the daily unfolding of nothing short of a miracle.


Mumbled jumbled in my vanity and self service, there beats this heart made alive by Jesus Christ. Why He chose me, I really do not know. Yet I am so glad He did. He gently waited with invitation to know me past my walls and self-protection. It was this very grace that moved me to be a farmer and eventually gave me the courage to open Bevy.

My step in, was my response to His deep love.


Yet you do not know this, that you were the face of God in my life in ways unimaginable. In that same attitude his love and power settles, you chose to know us, your grocers, the people behind the register. 

We know your name because you shared yours first. We were a part of your household table because you stepped in first. We shared our lives because you shared first. How can we not say that you have been a messenger of God's love and provision for us this whole time? In this normal kind of way of simply bringing food to your family, you have added to heaven coming on earth. We thank you so so much. 


Right now, our Bevy family is enjoying the simple happiness of being together, like we always have. We are grateful for this opportunity to be partners in crime and walk through life in intimacy and friendship. If you see Danny or Marilyn, Kathryn or Jenny, please tell them they've done an excellent job. Bevy is not Bevy without them. Bevy is Bevy because of them. I am me, because of them.


More than anything in the world, I want you to know that you are thoroughly and deeply loved. You are loved by a Creator who grieves at how His world is dying. You are loved by a God who is powerful to raise up a new generation of stewards to find the lost and heal the broken. You are loved by a Father who prompted His small and insecure daughter to open up a neighborhood store. In every piece of produce, in every timid greeting, maybe, hopefully, you heard His voice that saves me daily. That you.are.loved.


Thank you, again. And for much more past today.

I thank God for this journey and for leading your steps into Bevy. 


May you be a blessing to many others as you have been for me. May we cross paths somewhere, maybe journey together, hopefully soon.


In Jesus Name!




" lime yours <3 "

" lime yours <3 "